Our New Project

The newest project of "Christa" and DSM is a special focus on ruminants, particularly dairy cows. Our plans include seminars with experts from Europe, visiting of symposiums and exhibitions abroad, promoting of-the-art products for ruminants, special trainings, workshops.



Lifetime Performance and Milk Efficiency.

Dairy cows that successfully combine efficient milk production with longevity will achieve optimum lifetime performance.

The goal is to accomplish this at a herd level. Improved longevity is associated with lower culling rates, better health status, fewer disease associated losses and better profitability. We have an extensive range of proven nutritional additives to help promote lifetime performance and milk efficiency.

Our products deliver specific nutrients to precise targets such as the rumen, the liver, the immune system, reproductive organs and hoof horn. Optimizing key metabolic and physiological processes means that productivity and health are maintained in order to achieve the best possible lifetime performance.

Optimum Vitamin Nutrition™ (OVN™) is one important component of lifetime performance and is at the forefront of applied research. OVN defines ideal supplementation guidelines and is a concept used by nutritionists and veterinarians worldwide to ensure the productivity, health and welfare of livestock.

ROVIMIX® E-50 Adsorbate

Optimum Udder Nutrition.

Clinical and sub-clinical mastitis represent a major drain on profitability. These problems are particularly acute in early lactation when cows are producing more milk, are under the greatest physiological stress and when their immune system is naturally suppressed.

Vitamin E plays an important role in the development of an effective immune system. Research shows that plasma concentration in vitamin E decline by around 50% in the period close to calving, placing cows in a deficient state.

Supplementing diets with Vitamin E has been shown to increase the immune system's ability to fight mastitis-                                                                                                causing bacteria.


Optimum Milk Yield and Hoof Health.

Maximizing milk output and feed efficiency are top priorities for milk producers. It is widely accepted that high starch diets are necessary to optimise milk production. Starch is the building block for glucose, the most important energy source for milk production. Biotin plays a key role in the activity of specific liver enzymes responsible for glucose synthesis. Although biotin is produced naturally by rumen microbes, the quantity is insufficient to meet the requirements of the modern dairy cow. Trials conducted at leading research centres in Europe and the US confirm that supplementing cow diets with ROVIMIX® Biotin can improve milk.

ROVIMIX® β-Carotene

Optimum Reproductive Performance.

Getting cows back in calf is a major management objective for all dairy farmers.

The inability to rebreed is a major reason for culling and high replacements. Delayed conception is a drain on profits. One of the problems farmers face is that the modern dairy cow displays less obvious signs of heat than her predecessors:

>> Estrus lasts on average 6.2 hours compared with 18 hours twenty years ago
>> Number of mounts per heat now averages 6.3 compared with 8.8 twenty years ago
>> Standing heats now average 2.5 seconds compared with 12-25 seconds twenty years ago
>> 55% of heats last 8 hours or less
>> 50% of heats have 5 or fewer mounts
>> It is quite normal for 15-25% of cycling cows to fail to express heat - silent heats

CRINA® - Reducing feed costs

Getting more out of less.

Compound feeds must supply the required nutrients at an acceptable cost and price.

Rising feed ingredient prices are a major challenge to feed compounders, especially with producers looking to reduce feed costs which make up 65% of the cost of ruminant production. CRINAR Ruminants is an innovative way to help reduce the cost of compound feeds by taking a novel approach to the problem. By increasing the effectiveness of the rumen, CRINAR Ruminants makes more of the nutrients in the feed available to the animal. This means similar performing diets can be produced from lower prices ingredients, for example replacing soybean with rapeseed meal.

CRINAR Ruminants, a unique blend of essential oil compounds, has a direct effect on the rate and extent of digestion of protein in the rumen, increasing the proportion of by-pass protein and the supply of amino acids. It also alters carbohydrate fermentation to increase feed utilisation.


Optimum starch use.

Producing more milk from the same feed input is the goal of all dairy farmers.

Starch is a major energy source for dairy cows, especially in diets based on grain and corn silage. Increasing the efficiency of starch digestion in the rumen has the potential to improve feed efficiency and profitability. It would also allow reduction in diet costs by lowering starch inclusion levels and increasing the proportion of forage.

RONOZYMER RumiStar™ in an innovative development in dairy cow nutrition which increases the efficiency of starch digestion. It is a naturally-produced and pure amylase, the enzyme which breaks down starch in the digestive tract of dairy cows, making more of the energy available to the cow. It has been specially selected for its ability to work under rumen conditions. Trials at leading universities worldwide confirm the effect of RONOZYMER RumiStar™ on feed digestibility and milk efficiency. It improves the digestibility of starch and fibre in the diet to improve energy supply to the cow.

Delvotest® - antibiotic residue milk tests

Our commitment your responsibility.

With over 30 years' experience, DSM is a true leader in the milk antibiotic residue testing.

A partner you can trust.

As a service orientated company, we understand the distinct needs of each industry segment. Our leading antibiotic residue testing solutions and personalized aftercare service can serve every link of the supply chain.

Our commitment to you... the farmer.

Modern farming is undergoing continual professionalization - it's survival of the fittest. To ensure long term success, you need to keep pace with the competition and meet tightening quality requirements, while staying cost-effective. We can make your business more professional and profitable with simple antibiotic residue testing solutions designed specifically for farmers. Our trained teams will help you ensure procedures are reliable, up to standard and consistent with those used by dairies and laboratories.

Professionalism in your hands

Our commitment to you... the dairy.

For dairies assuring absolute milk quality on an industrial scale is a necessity even while being challenging. Wouldn't it be reassuring to find a reliable, accurate and easy to use antibiotic residue testing solution for milk? Our trusted, proven solutions for milk testing have consistently excelled in the industry. Their reliable accuracy is complemented by DSM's commitment to customer care.

The complete package.

Whatever your milk antibiotic residue testing needs, you can rely on us. Our products have consistently excelled in the industry, and so has our commitment to service. We work with you to make your life easier. To find out more about the benefits we offer, contact DSM today.