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VITAMINS - Nobody knows more about vitamins than DSM

We have a great expertise in producing vitamins to meet the needs of our customers. The ROVIMIX® name is a proven way of outstanding vitamin nutrition.

Vitamins are essential for wellbeing and good health. They play many crucial roles in farm animals, in areas including:

>> Bone formation
>> Disease resistance
>> Feed efficiency
>> Growth
>> Fertility
>> Egg production

Developed over 70 years, our ROVIMIX® range is an extensive choice of fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins world wide, founded on our history and experience in the field.

What makes ROVIMIX® vitamins so good?

We know that there are three attributes that define a vitamin additive that delivers:

>> Bioavailability - enhancing the use animals make of the vitamins and the benefits this brings
>> Stability - our vitamins are formulated to survive the processes used in feed manufacture so they are available to the animals eating the feed
>> Handling - our vitamins are produced to ensure efficient mixing and inclusion in feeds with minimal dust