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DSM Premixes

DSM is the world's largest supplier of vitamins, minerals and nutritional ingredients. Our teams of scientists and formulation experts work to develop and incorporate the highest quality nutritional solutions into functional feed supplements. We ensure quality, reliability, sustainability and traceability of our premixes.

What is a premix?

The products in our extensive portfolio are available as single ingredients or blends, known as premix formulations. Our premixes, deliver the same high standards of quality as our individual nutritional ingredients, while offering a number of benefits of manufacturers.

Premix vs. single ingredients

Whether dry or liquid, standard or customized – premixes can be tailored to meet the needs of every feed manufacturer or finale customer. Choosing a premix formulation over purchasing a selection of single ingredients offers a number of benefits. Our dedicated premix teams work to identify, assemble and incorporate the right combination of quality ingredients into products, adding value and reducing complexity for our customers.